Photos of the Week: I’ve really been slacking on this photo journal I’m trying to keep up. A couple things this week. Work has me swamped. I’ve been working close to 60 hr weeks as of late and the gf and I haven’t spent too much time together. So we decided Friday night to go out. I know nothing about women’s shoes. She apparently has had these shoes for 2 years now and hadn’t worn them once. I really don’t understand women at all. So she wanted some pictures and “voila!”. Moving on to picture numero dos. I bought a really awesome watch last year made of wood by a company called WeWOOD. My longer followers know my obsession with wood. Anyways, it had seen better days and it was time to get a new one. I found that in the UK, they make the same watch that I loved with black faces instead of white. SOLD, problem was trying to find it at a reasonable price to get it to the states. So after some researching, I found it. It took 3 weeks to arrive but totally worth it. Its awesome. You can find more of these watches here.

  1. lunatic375 said: Lol a wood watch?? Wonder what Robert thinks about that…… But hey the pics look great!
  2. realityisreality said: it’s spelled, “voila” LOL
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